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We facilitate mission teams sent out by King's Church Ministries to various nations across the world with the main purpose of sharing the good news of Jesus.

We also explore different ways where we can help or serve during our trips, and aim to have a practical edge to every mission trip where this is possible. This could be as simple as painting or plumbing, or as complex as the installation of a solar power system to provide lighting for an orphanage or a solar water pump to provide clean drinking water to a community.  We could also have a medical team providing basic health checks in a village or a team helping with the refurbishment or maintenance of a school or church building.

We will usually take out clothing, children’s arts and crafts, games, books, bibles and other helpful resources or equipment.  We also organise children and youth activities, youth camps, seminars, workshops etc and visit homes, prisons, orphanages, schools and churches.

Our main aim is to go wherever Jesus sends us - sharing His message of Hope, and at the same time helping out in practical ways where we can.

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